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  1. great to refind you after a few months
    A great selection of memories; thanks so much
    Any chance of re-upping the Bruce Badlands tribute; I’d love to hear some of the covers?
    thanks; keep it up!

  2. Hi Please do not forget to upload the old (already mentioned ) cds, I can list them up again if you wish
    thanks a lot in advance

  3. they were
    aug 11 – llama farmers – el toppo
    sep 29 – somethings happning – bedlam agogo
    sep 22 – camera obscura – lets get out
    a c acoustics – victory parts
    oct 13 – watercress – bummer
    nov 24 – relish – wildflowers
    nov 10 – frames – roads outgrown
    jan 19 – something happens – stuck together
    jan 5 – NFA daffodils – love is all
    feb 22 – radish – simple sincerity
    huge amount of thanks in advance

  4. absolutely brilliant, thanks ever so much

  5. Great to find you after many months ! Any chance to re-up Manic Street Preachers -Your Love Alone Is Not Enough [UK Promo Single]?
    Thank you!

  6. Hey! Amazing music, been folowing you since the old blog (…can’t seem to remember the name right now…), a lot of great stuff you’ve posted over the years, thank you and congrats for that!

    • Cheers, Moody Places was where it all started, can’t believe I’m still at it, thought it would last a year tops! Thanks for your support for the last I don’t know how many years!

  7. this is amazing blog with amazing posts,the only problem is that i discover it few days ago and some links are dead,so please if you can repost the madder rose eps and gorkys zygotic myncy eps i’ll be so grateful.thanks,bruno

  8. thanks in advance

  9. You’ll go blue in the face Bruno!! I have them backed up on a disc somewhere, the problem is I don’t know where that somewhere is!! So in this case patience is a virtue πŸ™‚

  10. thank you so much,you’re the best!!!!

  11. HI,
    is it possible to renew the links to A House ?
    Thank you,

  12. Any chance of getting some Black records posted here, in honor of the late great Colin?

    • Sad news 😦 I’ll see what I can do in the near future, am currently working nights, It’s hard enough even speaking, let alone keeping this blog going!! πŸ™‚

  13. Could you please re-up The Crocketts?

  14. In China – your blog is cool – access to music – almost feels like I am back in the real world again.

  15. Hi there, just found this blog and it is absolutely fantastic! I was wondering if you would be able to reupload the Kaiser Chiefs little shocks promo cd as I seem to have lost my copy of the instrumental from it 😦 It would be a godsend if you could, I am a huge fan of their work and I would love to listen to a good quality copy of it. Thanks in advance!

  16. not sure if my comments are going through…

  17. Love this blog, keep it up!!

  18. Hi Drew

    Can you re-post the links for Spritualized when you get an opportunity?

    Thanks as always!

    Eugene (blureu)

  19. Hello, Great blog! Just caught Teenage Fanclub live and was wondering if you could re-up Start Again CD1, Ain’t That Enough CD2, Radio, and God Know it’s True. Thanks!

  20. Hullo, Ricky! This is Rand from the old blog A-Sides, B-Sides and Seasides. I saw that you still have a place holder for my old blog even though I got rid of it. Just wanted to let you know that I’m bringing it back in a new form. I’m doing mock remasters of old albums and b-sides. The first three will be Levitation’s ‘Need For Not’, Kitchens of Distinction’s ‘The Death of Cool’, and Talk Talk’s ‘Laughing Stock. I’m not advertising the site this time around except for on the sites I’ve worked with before. If you’d like to throw my link up, that would be great, but I’d really like for you to have it, as we’ve traded back and forth in the past.

    Come on over and see me at my new digs…


  21. Hello Drew, Sorry for yet another re-up request. If poss could you please re-up the 2 singles of In Your Care by Tasmin Archer? Would be brilliant if you could but if not still love the site πŸ™‚

  22. Hello Drew,
    When you do your next batch of re-ups could you possibly include both of the cd singles of My Girl by Madness. Thanks very much for the great music.

  23. Hello Drew,
    When you do your next batch of re-ups could you possibly do Let’s All Go Together By Marion. Thank you very much.

  24. Hi Drew. Do you have Entrance by The Deadly Engines at all? Many thanks and keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  25. Or either EP by They Do It with Mirrors please? Thank you kindly

  26. I do indeed Drew. Most kind of you.

  27. Hi! Love your blog. It’s crammed with some amazing gems. Any chance you could re-up the Boo Radleys discs at your leisure? No rush, just curious. I know you’re busy. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  28. Hi Drew. Any chance of a re-up of Universal Audio by The Delgados please? Many thanks Kevin

  29. Hi Drew.Any chance of a reup of Senseless Things- Kissing ? Cheers mate.

  30. Re-up Maria McKee’s Sweetest Child? Brilliant, thanks!

  31. any chance of re-re-upping those Grandaddy singles??
    ive recently rediscovered them after exploring elsewhere and am ready for them b-sides!
    If at all possible, that would be awesome, though i know re-upping can be a pain, i used to run a blog a while back haha. anyway…i got the “Sumday” album to work at least!

  32. Re-up The Shining singles – please

  33. Hi Drew, Can you post a wee link to my blog > https://tfgc1.blogspot.co.uk/ < please?

    Thanks In Advance

  34. hey drew,
    thank you. can you repost any and all of your kirsty maccoll albums. they are hard to find and i love her music. thanks in advance

  35. Any chance of a re-up of Elivs Costello’s “Brilliant Parade”?

  36. Hi Drew,
    Would love to get my hands on the Red Sirus ‘The Fight’ EP! My friends were in that band and I used to go see them regularly 15+ years ago. Would love to hear those songs again!
    Thanks, Tim!

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